Beauty Spots™

  1. Are your Beauty Spots™ UL listed?
    Yes. They are UL & CUL listed for both the United States and Canada
  2. Are Beauty Spots considered a recessed fixture?             
    No. The electrical compartment is recessed into the ceiling.  The decorative plate (canopy), lamp and crystal shade are on the surface of the ceiling.
  3. Can insulation be in contact with the housing (IC Rated)?
    Thehousing’ on this beauty fixture is actually a wiring compartment.  Therefore it may come in direct contact with insulation.
  4. Are Beauty Spots low voltage or line voltage fixtures?
    Beauty Spots are low voltage fixtures. 12-volt or 24-volt xenon lamps can be used, depending on the transformer voltage.
  5. What holds the fixture in the ceiling?
    Both the wiring compartment and canopy are held by flat “butterfly” spring clips.
  6. What are the dimensions of the wiring compartment and canopy?
    The wiring compartment is 2” wide by 2 7/8” tall. The canopy is 1/8” thick.
  7. What size cutout do I need for the canopy?
    It is a 2 3/8” cutout.
  8. Can I install these lights in cabinetry or in a soffit?
    Yes. Beauty spots can be installed in wood, drywall, or even concrete.
  9. Can I use the Beauty Spots in a bathroom?
    Yes. The beauty spots are “damp listed” but cannot be used directly over a tub or shower. 
  10. Can I install the canopy without the housing?
    No. The housing is the wiring compartment and must be used in any installation.
  11. How do the crystals fit onto the Beauty Spots?
    The crystals are retained by a stainless steel tension spring.  They snap on and off the base of the canopy without the use of any tools.
  12. Can I change to a different color or style of crystal in the future?
    Yes, refer to the current WAC Lighting’s main product catalog or our website,, for our current crystal shade selection.
  13. Are the Beauty Spots dimmable?
    Yes, we recommend dimming with an electronic low voltage dimmer.
  14. What is the best application for beauty spots?
    Beauty spots are used as an accent light on ceilings. Many customers use beauty spots to create a unique pattern on their ceilings.

  15. How are Beauty Spots™ sustainable?
    Beauty Spots™ utilize energy efficient xenon lamps. Beauty Spots™ have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in WAC's clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
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