Compact Fluorescent Track Luminaires

  1. Are the Compact Fluorescent track fixtures UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL & CUL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. What is the warranty of your compact fluorescent track fixtures?
    The standard WAC Lighting warranty for the fixture is 5 years
  3. Is a compact fluorescent track luminaires more energy efficient than an incandescent track luminaires?
    Yes. Compact fluorescent lamps are very energy efficient.  You can expect about four times the light output per watt from a compact fluorescent lamp as compared to an incandescent.
  4. Why are these track luminaires called “wall washers” in my WAC Lighting catalog?
    These track luminaires are designed to evenly illuminate a large area on a wall.  They are often used for lighting large vertical display areas.  They are also a good energy efficient choice for providing general ambient light into a space when mounted in high ceiling applications.
  5. Can these compact fluorescent track heads be dimmed?
    No. They are only available with standard (non-dimming) electronic high efficiency ballast.

  6. I notice you refer to “biaxä” and “double biaxä” as the lamps for your fixtures, what is that?
    The terms “biaxä” and “double biaxä” are actually terms that GE uses in referring to this particular type of compact fluorescent lamp. Other manufacturers may use a different name for the same lamp. The table below is a general guide to cross reference different brand names (see the appropriate lamp manufacturer website for their most current offerings).










  7. Can I extend the CFL (compact fluorescent lights) fixtures from a track?
    No. Extensions are not available for these units.

  8. Can I install the CFL fixtures on a suspended track?
    Yes. You can install them on a track that has been suspended from the ceiling, provided the track has adequate support.

  9. Are your fixtures supplied with lamps?
    No. Lamps can be purchased from your local electrical supplier.

  10. Can I use these fixtures on your standard H / J / L or J2 track, or do I need a special track?
    Yes, these fixtures will work with all of our existing tracks, there is no need for a special track. On our 2-circuit J2 track, a J-CLIP is needed to work on the second circuit.

  11. Is the clear Louver actually clear?
    No it is a specular chrome color

  12. Do the louvers come with the fixtures?  What colors are available?
    The louvers are made of aluminum.  They are available in white, black and clear specula, they are sold separately.
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