InvisiLED® Outdoor Systems

  1. Is InvisiLED® Classic 24V outdoor tape light UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL and CUL wet location listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. Is Outdoor InvisiLED® tape light dimmable?
    No the tape is not dimmable because it uses a DC power supply instead of a transformer.
  3. What is the maximum run for Outdoor InvisiLED®?
    The maximum run is 40 feet per power supply.
  4. What is the minimum run for InvisiLED®?
    The minimum length run is 1 foot.
  5. The longest joiner cable you sell is 120” (10 feet).  What if I need to cover a distance greater than 120”?
    The joiner cables may be interconnected in the same manner as the LED sections, up to a maximum of 30’.
  6. Do I need to create an angle, what can I do?
    We have X and Y connectors and joiner cable as short as 6” (LED-TO24-IC6), which can be angled as needed.
  7. Can Outdoor InvisiLED® tape light be field-shortened?
    Yes. It is field-cuttable every 2”. An end cap (LED-TO24-EC) needs to be placed and sealed with silicon to make a watertight installation. Keep in mind that once you cut the tape, you terminate the run and it cannot be reconnected.
  8. How is the life expectancy calculated for LED products?
    Unlike halogen calculations where the lamp life is rated at the point where 50% of the lamps fail, LEDs life expectancy is the point which the lamp is at 70% of its original output (brightness).  Most of our LED products are listed with a 50,000-hour life.
  9. Can the Outdoor InvisiLED® tape light be walked on or stepped on?
    No. It is not designed to handle the force of being walked or stepped on.
  10. Is the Outdoor InvisiLED® bendable?
    Yes. It is bendable vertically. However it cannot be bent horizontally. In order to do a horizontal turn, X, Y or L connectors; or joiner cable can be used.
  11. How do I decide what kind of mounting options to use?
    We provide four kinds of mounting options. For use on flat surface only where there is no edge contact, such as small recesses or coves, retrofit channel (LED-TO24-CH1) can be used. For use on non-flat surfaces only where there is no edge contact, such as curved or irregular walls, LED-TO24-C1 can be used. For use on non –flat surfaces allowing for contact on one edge, such as wooden or concrete stairs, LED-TO24-C2 can be used. For use on non-flat surfaces allowing for contact on both edges, such as curved or irregular recesses or coves, LED-TO24-C3 can be used. 
  12. How far away should I put my power supply?
    Due to a potential voltage drop issue, the power supply should not be placed more than 30’ from the first tape light.
  13. Can I put the Outdoor InvisiLED® in the water?
    Yes. Tape sections are IP-68 rated for submersion up to up to five feet.
  14. Can the Outdoor InvisiLED® power supply (EN-TO24100-RB2-T) be placed in water?
    The power supply is UL listed for wet location. However, it cannot be submersed into water.
  15. When joining separate pieces of Outdoor InvisiLED®, will the light be evenly distributed?
    Due to the special design of the tape light connector, there will be no dark spots on a straight run.
  16. What is the suitable ambient temperature for the Outdoor InvisiLED®?
    The recommended ambient temperature for best performance ranges between -4 to 122°F.
  17. What is the lumen output for the Outdoor InvisiLED®?
    For Amber colored tape, it is 22 Lm/ft. For Blue colored tape, it is 20 Lm/ft. For Green colored tape, it is 60 Lm/ft. For Red colored tape, it is 35 Lm/ft. For White colored tape, it is 90 Lm/ft.
  18. How is Outdoor InvisiLED® tape light sustainable?
    Outdoor InvisiLED® tape light uses state-of-the-art, energy efficient LED technology. InvisiLED® has a Five-Year Warranty and is Responsibly produced in WAC's clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
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