LARC Track Luminaires

  1. Are your LARC Precision Track fixtures UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL and C.UL listed for both the United States and Canada.

  2. How do you adjust the LARC Fixtures?
    Horizontal and vertical adjustments can be made by rotating the fixture on either of its axis. Degree indicators are printed on the fixtures for easy adjustment and aiming.

  3. What type of transformer is included with the low voltage LARC Fixtures?
    The low voltage LARC Fixtures come with an integral electronic low voltage transformer. The advanced technology of the transformer features auto-reset, soft start and short circuit protection. Soft start protects lamp filaments from abrupt inrush current that shorten lamp life.

  4. Can I use lens accessories on the LARC Fixtures?
    Yes. The LARC Fixtures allow the use of up to two lenses and one accessory. (eg: UV filter lens, color filter lens & honeycomb louver)

  5. When would two accessories be called for?
    It depends on the architectural design but mostly they are used on commercial applications such as a museum, high-end restaurant or gallery store. You might like to use a colored lens with a honeycomb louver to reduce side glare, or perhaps a UV filtering lens with a honeycomb louver, or colored lens.

  6. Your catalog states low voltage models using MR16 lamps are available in 75 watt versions, but your lamp chart shows 71 watt lamps, Why is that?
    Most lamp manufacturers offer a slightly reduced wattage version because it has the best combination of lamp life and lumen level characteristics.

  7. What type of track can I use with the LARC Fixtures?
    The LARC Fixtures work with our WAC H, L, J and J2 system tracks. The addition of the “J-CLIP” allows the standard luminaire to engage the second circuit of the two-circuit track.

  8. Are the LARC Fixtures compatible with any other manufacturers track systems?
    Yes, our track heads are UL listed for use with several other manufacturers track systems. Check with a WAC Lighting Specialist at 800.526.2588 for current compatibility information.

  9. What are the features of the LARC fixture?
    The LARC Fixtures have the look and features often required for high profile applications where the fixtures need to provide precise control and adjustability. These specification grade die cast aluminum units have a thick powder coat paint finish, ratchet action adjustment with integral aiming indicators. The threaded lens ring holds of up to two lenses and one accessory. (eg: cross baffle) The socket wires are concealed for a clean appearance. These features distinguish the LARC Fixtures from standard track heads.

  10. What type of lamps are compatible with LARC Fixtures?
    We offer a variety of lamping options depending on the fixture purchased, such as MR16, AR111, PAR30, Metal Halide PAR30, HID CDM AR111, HID ES16 and HID CDM T4. Each LARC Fixture offers different lamping options, please see our WAC website to choose accordingly.

  11. How are LARC Fixtures sustainable?
    LARC Fixtures have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in WAC's clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus with in-house testing labs.
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