LED85 Button Lights

  1. Are the LED85 Button Lights UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL & CUL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. Why does the LED85 Button Light get warm?
    The LEDs do not project any heat downward, however, the metal housing acts as a heat sink, therefore it gets warm.
  3. Are the LED85 Button Lights dimmable?
    Yes. They are dimmable with a Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer when used with the corresponding Dimmable driver (Homerun wiring only)
  4. How is the life expectancy calculated for LED85 products?
    Unlike halogen calculations where the lamp life is rated at the point where 50% of the lamps fail, LEDs life expectancy is the point which the lamp is at 70% of its original output (brightness).  All of our LEDme® Button Lights have a 50,000-hour life.
  5. Can the LED85 Button Lights be wired in series?
    Yes, see diagram below (for non-dimmable driver)

    *However, the dimmable version cannot be wired in series.
  6. Are the LED85 Button Lights the same size as the other Button Lights offered?
    The LEDme® Button Lights are slightly smaller than the xenon/halogen Button Lights we offer.  However, there is a housing to adapt the larger opening to fit the smaller LEDme® Button Light. (HR-LED-COV-XX) (XX refers to the finish of the housing you are looking for: BK, BN, CB, CH, DB or WT)
  7. Can the LED module be switched out, or does the entire unit need to be replaced if the LEDs fail or burn out on the LED85 Button Lights?
    Yes. You can change out the module (model number: RM3X1-30-HR) without soldering.
  8. How are LED85 Button Lights sustainable?
    LEDme® Button Lights use energy efficient state-of-the-art LED technology. LEDme® Button Lights have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in WAC's clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
  9. What is the difference between a driver and a transformer?
    Transformers lower the voltage from 120 volts to either 12 or 24 volts for a low voltage application. Drivers not only lower the voltage but they also change the current from AC to DC.
  10. Is the driver UL listed?
    Yes. Our drivers are UL and CUL listed.
  11. How many outputs are there to power the Button Lights?
    Our LED85 Button Light Driver features four "Plug and Play" terminal blocks for wiring up to four HR-LED85 LED Button Lights.
  12. What type of Dimmer should be utilized with this driver?
    A magnetic low voltage dimmer, typically we recommend Lutron or Leviton because those are the brands we have tested.
  13. What is the minimum wattage amount which can be used if you are dimming the driver?
    You need at least nine watts, or two Button Lights, in order to successfully dim the driver.
  14. How can the dimmable driver be wired?
    The dimmable driver should be wired in a star, or home run pattern.
  15. Do you offer the Button Light Driver in different wattage options?
    Yes. We offer our Button Light Driver in 3-Watt, 9-Watt and 12-Watt versions.
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