LEDme® Quick Connect™ Fixtures

1.    Can I use the LEDme™ QUICK CONNECT™ Fixtures with an existing 24V rail system?

No. The QUICK CONNECT™ Fixtures and Pendants require a 12V system, not 24V.

2.    Can you mix LEDme™ fixtures with other non-LED Fixtures and Pendants on SOLORAIL™ or DUORAIL™?

Yes, with 12V only. You may mix the LED fixtures with other fixtures and pendants. Be mindful of both the minimum and maximum loads of the transformer on the rail system.

3.    Can I use the LEDme™ QUICK CONNECT™ Fixtures on the FLEXRAIL1™ or Flexrail2 system?

Yes. We recently changed our minimum load requirements to 1W to accommodate these fixtures.

4.    Can the LED modules on the LEDme™ QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures be replaced?

Yes. The QUICK CONNECT™ fixtures have a replaceable LED chip (module).

5.    What different extension lengths do you offer?
We offer 3”, 6” and 12” extensions. If you would like a longer extension, we offer them in
18” ( Q-x18)
24” ( Q-x24)
36” ( Q-X36)
48” ( Q-x48)

These additional extensions fit onto your 3”, 6” or 12” extension and are not field cuttable.

6.    What is the light output and color temperature of the quick connect fixtures?

The light output is 280 Lumens and 3,000K for the ORB and Forza Models.

7.    What type of adjustment do the Fixtures have?

They have a 360-degree horizontal rotation and a 90-degree vertical adjustment

8.    How can you mount a Fixture light on a sloped ceiling?

Because the Quick Connect™ Fixtures use a rigid extension, they cannot be mounted on a sloped ceiling.


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