LEDme® Quick Connect™ Pendants

1.     Are your LEDme® Pendants UL Listed?
Yes. They are UL & CUL listed for the United State and Canada.


2.     What is the voltage/light output drop when using braided cord longer than 6 ft?
There is minimal voltage drop when using a longer braided cord, however we don’t recommend a cord longer than 15 feet.


3.     Are LEDs replaceable like incandescent bulbs?
LEDs are replaceable by the factory. Contact a WAC lighting specialist for more information


4.    Can I use the LEDme® pendant in Flexrail1TM, 120V Track, or any other track and rail system?
Yes, you may use the LEDme® pendants on all compatible systems (120V Track, Solorail, Duorail and Flexrail) with the use of the correct QUICK CONNECT™ adapter (See catalog or website for ordering information), as our minimum load requirements on these adapters is 1W to accommodate these pendants.


5.     Can I use the LEDme® Pendants in a Monopoint?
LEDme® Pendants can be ordered as a Monopoint.  (Ex. MP-LED311-BN/BN)  Our Genesis LEDme® pendant is available as a Multipoint as well (3-Light, 6-Light and 12-Light options – see catalog or website for ordering information)


6.     Can the LEDme® Pendants be field shortened?
Yes. LEDme®  Pendants can be field shortened.


7.  What is the lifetime of a LEDme® Pendant module?
The LEDme® pendants are rated for 50,000 hours. Unlike halogen calculations where the lamp life is rated at the point where 50% of the lamps fail, LEDs life expectancy is the point at which the lamp is at 70% of its original output (brightness). 


8.   Can I use magnetic or electronic transformers for LED pendants on a rail?
WAC Lightings, electronic transformers for rail have a 1 watt minimum load, and the magnetic have no minimum load, therefore either may be used with the LEDme® pendants on rail.


9.   What are the different ways I can order the pendant fixtures?
The pendants are ordered as single line items, for example, MP-LED311-BN. 

You will need to determine the mounting method you are using, then choose your model and finish. You can choose from a Quick Connect™ or Monopoint Canopy version. The Monopoint (MP) version comes complete with pendant, socket set and canopy; the Quick Connect™ (QP) version comes with the pendant and the socket set.  You will need to purchase a Quick Connect™ adapter compatible with the system you are using.


10.  Can I get pendants longer than 6’?
Uber and Quest come standard with a 6 foot cord, Genesis comes standard with a 12 foot cord.  However, we can supply longer lengths of the same wire.  Contact a WAC lighting Specialist for additional ordering information.


11.   What is the light output of LEDme® quick connect pendants?
The light output is 210 Lumens for the Genesis, 200 Lumens for the Quest, and 180 Lumens for the Uber model.


12.  How can you mount a LEDme® pendant light on a sloped ceiling?
You have two options in order to mount to a Sloped ceiling.
     1. They can be mounted to various systems that can be suspended from a sloped ceiling, such as 120V Track, FLEXRAIL1™, SOLORAIL™, and DUORAIL™ systems.  
     2. We offer a Sloped Ceiling Canopy (QMP-S60ERN) which will allow Quick Connect™ Elements to be mounted to a Sloped ceiling.


13.  Can the LEDme® fixtures be dimmed?
Yes. All LEDme® fixtures can be dimmed.  Depending upon what transformer you are using would dictate which dimmer you should use.  If you are using an electronic transformer you will need an Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmer. If mounted on our SOLORAIL or DUORAIL systems utilizing a magnetic transformer, you will need a Magnetic Dimmer.  For further questions on Dimming compatibility please contact a WAC lighting specialist.  



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