Multiple Spots

  1. Are the multiple spots UL listed?
    Yes, they are UL and CUL listed for both the United States and Canada.
  2. What are the different ways I can order the multiple spots?
    We offer low, line voltage, LED and metal halide multi-spots. See pages 319-326 of WAC Lighting catalog for more information.
  3. Can I dim these fixtures?
    The low voltage Multi-Spots and LED Multi-Spots can be dimmed with electronic low voltage dimmers.  The line voltage PAR38 units can be dimmed with standard incandescent or low voltage dimmers. HOWEVER, our metal halides are not dimmable.
  4. Are these fixtures adjustable?
    Yes. Each lamp has a 25° tilt and 360° rotation
  5. Do you have these fixtures available for remodeling applications?
    No, these fixtures are designed for new construction applications or suspended ceilings.
  6. Do these units come with hanger-bars?
    Yes, they come with hanger-bars as well as brackets to fit over T-Bars.
  7. What do I get when I order a WAC Multiple Spot?
    The Multi-Spot is made up of two components, the housing and the trim.  The housing comes ready for installation in the ceiling.  The low voltage housings come complete with low voltage electronic transformers.  The trim is a separate line item since you must choose your desired color.  Both parts need to be ordered to have a complete unit.
  8. Can each lamp be controlled individually?
    No, all lamps operate in unison.
  9. How are Multiple Recessed Downlights sustainable?
    Our Multiple Recessed Downlights have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in WAC's clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus with in-house UL testing labs.
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