Straight Edge™ LED Strip Light


  1. What kind of power supply is needed?
    A plug in or remote mounted power supply can be ordered for this fixture. They come in 60W and 100W variations, both plug-in and remote mount.
  2. Can this be dimmed?
    Yes, they can be dimmed to 1% with an (ELV) electronic low voltage dimmer.
  3. Can I connect two fixtures end to end?
    Yes, each LED Strip Light comes with an I-Connector which allows end to end connection without increasing the length in between the fixtures. You can also purchase a joiner cable for increased length in connection.
  4.  Are these available in both Warm White and Cool White?
    Yes, the LED Strip Lights are now available in both Warm White, 2700K and Cool White, 4500K.
  5. What are the mounting angles available for the LED Strip Light? Are they included?
    2 flat mounting clips and 2 corner mounting tips are included with LED Strip Light. Adjustable angle mounting clip (SL-C3-WT) can be ordered separately, which allow for variable angle adjustment.
  6.  Are there any tape options available?
    Double Sided Tape (TAPE-36) and Magnetic Tape (MAG-TAPE-36) can be ordered separately. This will work on any magnetic surface.
  7. Can multiple units be linked through surface wiring?
    The surface mount jumper cable allows multiple units to be linked. Simply insert the end of the connectors into each fixture. If your jumper cable needs to be extended, use the “IF” cable (SL-IF) to connect them together to lengthen the run.
  8. Is there a wiring box available for low voltage wiring?
    Yes, use this when spanning a large gap in a system layout without leaving exposed wiring (ie: lighting kitchen cabinets on both sides of a sink or window). Low voltage wiring is collected inside box, with Romex® wire output to go behind a wall. For low voltage wiring use only 12V/24V 4A 12 AWG to 20 AWG (sold separately).
  9. Is there a terminal block available for wiring multiple fixtures?
    Yes, use the MTB-06 for 6 fixtures or the MTB-08 for 8 fixtures. The terminal block provides a neat collection of wires without leaving exposed ends.
  10. How many fixtures can I connect?
    It depends on the capacity of the transformer. We offer transformers in 60w and 100w variations.
  11. Can I use this product in a sloped application?
    Yes, you can use the variable angle mounting clips to adjust light output where necessary.
  12. What is the efficacy of these fixtures?
    Generally, it depends on the color temperature. Cool white is generally brighter than warm white.
  13. Can I branch out with more than one lead?
    Yes, we offer Y and X connectors that will allow for a split run.
  14. Does this work on 277v?
    Yes, with proper 277V transformer EN-24100-277-R.
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