Tesla LED Recessed Downlights

MODELS: HR-2LED-T109, HR-2LED-T709, HR-2LED-T209, HR-2LED-T309, HR-2LED-T409, - HR-2LED-T509, HR-3LED-T118, HR-3LED-T718, HR-3LED-T218, HR-3LED-T318, HR-3LED-T418, HR-3LED-T518, HR-3LED-T618

  1. Are the LED modules and Reflectors interchangeable on the Tesla product?
    Yes, the Tesla is a versatile and dynamic down lighting system that allows adjustments to be made in the field. Refer to interchangeable reflectors: SL-REF-LUX10-40, SL-REF-LUX10- 25, and SL-REF-LUX10-15. Replacement LED module: LXS8-PW30, LXS8-PW40.
  2. Do I have a choice in the color temperature in LED?
    Yes, there are two options: 3000K warm white, and 4000k cool white. These can be changed later on with replacement modules.
  3. Is the Tesla product dimmable?
    Yes, they are dimmable with an Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer (ELV) or a 0-10V Dimmer. Please refer to the product’s respective specification sheet for further information.

  4. What are the input power options? Is Tesla available in 277v?
    Yes, depending on which housing you purchase, the Tesla series is compatible with 120v and 277v applications.
  5.  Is there any Tesla fixtures that are UL wet location rated?
    Yes, certain trims are UL listed for wet location, example: HR-2LED-T209.
  6. What is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of this fixture and how does it stack up against traditional incandescent lighting?
    The Tesla has a high rated CRI of 85 for 3000k, and a CRI of 82 for the 4000k models.
  7. Does this product offer IC rated application, both new work and remodel?
    This Tesla series has two styles of housings, new work and Remodel. ONLY the New work housings are IC rated for direct contact with insulation. The remodel housings are NOT IC rated.
  8. Does the Tesla down light offer emergency battery backup options?
    Yes, the Tesla is one style of our LED down lights that has an available housing option that includes a 90 minute emergency backup battery. HR-3LED-H18D-EMICA. This is a new construction housing ONLY.
  9. Does the Tesla offer trims for sloped ceiling application?
    Yes, the tesla offers various style for either sloped ceiling adjustable trims or wall wash applications. Each trim offers a different style.