Wall Sconces

  1. Are your Decorative Wall Sconces UL listed?
    Yes. they are UL and C.UL listed for both the United States and Canada.

  2. Do the Wall Sconces come with shades and lamps?
    All low voltage wall sconces come with a shade, a 50W halogen bi-pin lamp and an integral electronic transformer. All line voltage wall sconces come with a shade, and a 60W candelabra base incandescent lamp. Compact Fluroscent are available. When ordering WS-CFL32 and/or WS-INC60 back plate, the shade (ie: G-WS404) and lamp need to be purchased separately.

  3. Can I substitute xenon lamps for the standard halogen type? What is the difference?
    Yes, xenon lamps can be used if desired. Xenon lamps will give slightly less light than halogen, but offers almost twice the average lamp life.

  4. Can I dim the low voltage Wall Sconces?
    Yes, each is supplied with an integral 12V electronic transformer. It is recommended that these transformers be dimmed with an electronic low voltage dimmer.

  5. Can I use a remote transformer with the Wall Sconces?
    No. Each sconce comes with an integral electronic low voltage transformer.

  6. How do the Wall Sconces mount to the wall?
    The Wall Sconces mount to a standard 4” fixture box.

  7. Are Wall Sconces available in an ADA version?
    Our WS-CFL32 and WS-INC60 back plate with shade, as well as model numbers WS53, WS54, WS110, WS120, WS130 and WS230 comply with ADA federal regulation.

  8. In what applications would I use these Wall Sconces?
    The most common uses would be to illuminate a hallway, living area, bedroom, or lobby. They are also often used as companions to pendants using the same glass shade styles.

  9. Can I use your Wall Sconces in a bathroom?
    Yes. They are damp location listed, so they can be placed in a bathroom. To meet most building codes they should be located at least 3’ from the shower stall.

  10. How are Decorative Wall Sconces sustainable?
    n addition to low voltage xenon and halogen lamping, new Decorative Wall Sconces feature energy efficient CFL lamping technology. Decorative Wall Sconces have a Five-Year Warranty and are Responsibly produced in the WAC clean, zero landfill manufacturing campus.
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